Give the Gift of Continuous
Heart Health!

Biotricity presents our $198 holiday bundle: Bioheart + Biokit for continuous heart health monitoring. Elevate well-being with continuous heart monitoring —a lasting, empowering gift for a heart-conscious lifestyle.

Why Choose Biokit?

Lifestyle & Disease Management

Biokit enables proactive health management.
- At-home monitoring includes temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels
- Provides a holistic view of health trends
- Fosters the development of healthy habits
- Serves as a valuable ally for improved wellness and disease management

Hospital at Home

Biokit integrates diagnostics (pulse oximeter, thermometer, blood pressure cuff) for comprehensive insights. Early detection of health issues allows prompt intervention and personalized care.

Integrated Telehealth

Biokit revolutionizes healthcare with integrated telehealth through the Biocare App, streamlining remote consultations and transforming traditional healthcare interactions.

Customizable Health Insights

Biokit captures vital data, generating automated reports and customizable alerts for informed health monitoring. Tailored alerts and structured reports enhance the user experience, contributing to personalized health insights.

Biokit Components

Blood Pressure Cuff

The blood pressure cuff allows you to take your own blood pressure quickly and easily.

Digital Thermometer

The thermometer provides fast, touchless results for body temperature.

Pulse Oximeter

The Biokit pulse oximeter measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, providing insight into your breathing and lung function.

Using Biokit

Benefits of Using Biokit

Measuring Vitals

Biometric data is automatically available to your physician, when used with the Biocare App.

Pairs with Smartphones

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Patients download the app on the iOS or Google Play stores to get started.

Biocare Health Integration

Fully integrated with our Biocare solution for disease management alongside full reporting and medication adherence.

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Download the App

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of batteries do the Biokit devices take?
The heart rate/SpO2 monitor and the thermometer both take 2 AAA batteries. The blood pressure cuff is rechargeable and must only be charged using the charging cable that came with your Biokit.
What does it mean when the Biokit device screens display “ERR”?
This means that the batteries need to be replaced.
Where can I find the device IDs needed to connect the Biokit devices to the Biocare app?
The device IDs are located on the back of each device, as well as on the back label of the white Biokit box.

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